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Scomar is proud to announce a new web-based Forfeiture System named CAFE that will allow County Attorney offices and Law Enforcement Agencies to manage Civil Asset Forfeiture cases.

Civil Asset Forfeiture Entry System

There are many Prosecutor Case Management systems on the market, but none of them are designed specifically for Forfeiture work. CAFE is a new system that built to help County Attorneys and Law Enforcement Agencies manage and process their Forfeiture Cases.

Green Triangle Web-Enabled Real Time Sharing of Forfeiture Cases
Green Triangle Bridge Between County & Local Law Enforcement
Green Triangle Tracks Funds & Disbursement of Forfeited Items
Green Triangle Fully Secure & Customizable
Green Triangle Structured Layers of Access
Green Triangle Automated Notifications & Court Documents

What can the CAFE System do?

Click Here to learn more abou the CAFE system, to see screenshots, and to read about what it can do for you!

Request a Demo

Use our Request Info page to request a CAFE Demo for your County.